Why Switch To PPH101

Why do offshore bookies need to switch to PPH101 today?

It is no secret that when it comes to per head services not all of these companies are created equal! Over the last decade, offshore bookie services have been popping up all over in places like Costa Rica!

PPH101.com is the undisputed front runner for outsourced bookie services and has been since our inception! The secret to our continued success is simple; we do things the old fashioned way with honesty & integrity, we deal with results, not excuses!

Our overall bookmaking experience & professionalism sets us apart from the competition! Our line makers & risk management teams are considered the sharpest and most respected within the offshore gambling industry today! Our English speaking support staff are 1st class & provide exceptional support!

Our fully redundant, licensed & secure hosting facility is maintained around the clock by our team of fully certified IT professionals to ensure that your bookmaking business will always be up & running at optimum speed & efficiency!

Our proprietary interactive pay per head bookie software includes all the tools necessary for you to be successful! Our live in-progress betting application & mobile betting and agent reporting applications are the absolute best in the pay per head industry!

Our competitive pay per head pricing structure is both fair & reasonable and in line with industry standards, what sets us apart is simply our exceptional service & support!

If you’re serious about your bookmaking business, then you owe it to yourself to call us today & find out why PPH101 is the undisputed front runner for outsourced bookie services!

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Agent Set Up

At PPH101 creating your master agent account is both fast & easy but the exact time frame solely depends on the following:

  • The overall # of player accounts.
  • Your profile settings, wagering options & line type requirements.
  • The number of pending plays & futures to be transferred.
  • The number of subagents & their requirements.

Our knowledgeable & friendly staff have extensive experience with all size per head player packages. They are always available to assist agents with transferring their players from start to finish!

Player Set Up

Our friendly & knowledgeable staff have extensive experience with all size per head player packages and are always available to assist our associates set up their per head player accounts from start to finish!

We offer both master agents & sub-agents alike, unlimited player profiling options!