What Is Pay Per Head

What is a pay per head service?

A straightforward definition of what a pay per head service is: a complete turnkey gaming solution specially designed to help bookmakers run & manage their bookmaking business from afar within a legal jurisdiction!

Most of these types of offshore bookie service centers or pph write shops operate legally out of countries such as Costa Rica who have a bit more of a liberal stance towards both bookies & online gambling than say for instance the United States!

Most offshore bookmaking services will handle most every aspect of a bookmakers sports betting business for a reasonable weekly rate!

This includes:

    • Providing bookies with a safe & secure, licensed hosting facility equipped with a redundant infrastructure to ensure that their sports wagering business will always be up & running at an optimal level!
    • Furnishing bookmakers with the latest sports betting software with easy to use betting & reporting applications designed specifically for pay per head agents to have full access & control of their offshore bookie business!
    • Complete & unlimited access to experienced line makers & risk management personnel to help minimize their risk to maximize their overall profits.
    • Creating, branding, hosting as well as managing a completely customized bookie website which will immediately take any small or local sports betting operation and turn it into a full-blown offshore sportsbook equipped with all the bells and whistles a bookmaker needs for success!
    • Providing per head agents with real-time reporting so that they can always have their finger on the pulse of their offshore bookmaking operation 24/7/36!
    • Furnishing pph bookies with a state of the art offshore wagering call center fully staffed with knowledgeable & experienced English speaking personnel!

These offshore pay per head service centers have revolutionized the way bookmakers run their businesses.