PPH101 Offers Bookies the Sharpest Betting Lines In the Pay Per Head Industry!

We provide our bookmaking agents with a level of service & overall experience that is unequaled by our rival bookie service competitors!

We take pride in having experienced line-makers at the helm of our line management team! Solid line & risk management are integral parts of any successful write shop or sports betting operation! We are fortunate to have on board two of the most experienced Line-makers aka Odds-makers in the offshore gaming industry today!

There is such a vast difference between having a line-maker at the forefront of our bookie service center versus a line mover.

Here’s why; a line mover merely is someone who moves lines on command. In most cases, they probably couldn’t even tell you why they are doing so other than being instructed to follow another shop with an instruction of “when they move you move”!

On the other hand, a line-maker or odds-maker can create all types of sharp betting lines for bookmakers off the cuff! Our odds-makers have a complete understanding of every aspect of sports betting!

When a line-maker creates a betting line what they are trying to do is just put up a solid line that will attract two-way action.

Our line management team has over 100 years of combined experience and are always at the top of their game when it comes to running your betting lines!

At PPH101, our agents can rest assured that their players will always be betting on fresh & sharp betting lines!