Pay Per Head Services

Pay Per Head Service Centers

Offshore pay per head service centers revolutionized the bookmaking business worldwide!

Pay per head is the best thing that has ever happened to bookies; these offshore write shops handle most every aspect of a bookmaker’s day to day business!

In fact, today’s bookies are a bit spoiled and are enjoying more free time than ever before! offshore bookies daily tasks are as simple as kicking back and watching the bets roll in on a real time live bet monitor!

Although outsourced per head services don’t get involved in paying, collecting or recruiting they do indeed handle most everything else! This is all done for a reasonable weekly charge known as a pay per head fee.

The billing process is simple; bookmakers are charged a small rate per active player, on a weekly basis for services rendered.

Outsourced pph service centers supply bookmakers with a turnkey gaming solution equipped with all the necessary tools for a bookmaker’s success!

Most all of these bookie service centers are located outside of the United States offshore in legal jurisdictions like Costa Rica. The Costa Rican government has a much higher tolerance towards online sports betting & bookmakers and license the PPH service centers under data processors!

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Outsourced Bookie Services

For bookmakers life has gotten so much easier due to the creation of outsourced bookie service centers!

Bookmakers now have the luxury to pick and choose every aspect of their offshore bookie business and have it run by a team of experienced professionals all for a small weekly rate known as a pay per head fee.

These turnkey gaming solution include sportsbook, racebook, & Virtual casino applications that can be accessed via any mobile device or smartphone 24/7/365!

Bookies only need to sit back and relax while their bets roll in from a secure & legal jurisdiction!

These services also include real-time reporting applications so that bookmakers can always have their finger on the pulse of their business from anywhere in the world!

The types of pay per head services have revolutionized bookmakers’ whole way of doing things!

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What is a turnkey gaming solution?

A turnkey gaming solution is a complete set of Sportsbook, Racebook & Virtual Casino Software all wrapped into one that are ready for immediate use!

Integration of our bookie software is simple & seamless which makes transforming any local bookmaking business into a virtual online sportsbook as easy as plug & play!

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