The Importance of Using a Proprietary Bookie Software

Posted on Thursday, July 19th, 2018.

Propietary Pay Per Head SoftwareBookies worldwide using Pph101s proprietary pay per head bookmaking software have so many advantages over their competitors still using and relying on outdated rented bookie software like DGS or ASI!

The secret to our continued success is the constant development of our bookie software and our ability to quickly adapt to the changing times and needs of our clientele. Having ownership of our software’s source code is such a game changer especially when it comes to making quick changes or improving our player & agent interfaces to always provide all of the users with an exceptional experience!

Now more than ever our bookmaking agents rely on the convenience and accuracy of our real-time custom-made reporting features to make snap decisions that affect their overall bottom line.

Our real-time reporting and its ease of access via any and any mobile device make monitoring your bookmaking business a breeze from anywhere worldwide and ability to make instant real-time changes 24/7/365 is merely icing on the cake!

Our interactive wager menu puts bookies in the driver’s seat and allows them to decide which wagering options to offer their bettors !

Our advanced Line Moving application gives bookies full control of their betting lines 24/7/365!

The fact is that pph101 merely is in a class of its own when it comes to providing bookmakers with a superior turnkey gaming solution to propel any serious bookies thriving business.

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