Sharp Betting Lines Make a World Of Difference For Pay Per Head Bookies!

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2018.

Sharp Lines Save You MoneyFor bookies, when choosing a pay per head service these days there are many factors in which to consider, such as infrastructure, security, software, support and overall experience. Even though, one of the most common and deciding elements for bookies in search of finding the best available pay per head service is merely the sharpness of sports betting lines.

Sharp betting lines are just one of the many strengths and reasons why a company can keep continued industry success in both recruiting new bookies but more importantly consistently satisfying an existing agents base.

Sharp betting lines are a direct correlation to the strength and overall bookmaking experience the line management team!

PPH101’s bookmaking team for example, has a wealth of hands-on industry experience, and the principals are not only well known but respected for their overall knowledge and combined experience in the pay per head field!

Our consistently sharp betting lines are due to our overall diligence and commitment with our agents. Bookies can rest assured that at Pph101 we are always at the top of our game when it comes to monitoring and moving your betting lines and keeping them fresh and sharp!

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