2018 NFL Draft; You’re On The Clock!

Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018.

Sam Darnold NFL DraftThe excitement is building! With just 48 hours to go up until the 2018 NFL Draft kicks off the behind the scenes rumors of last minute deals and surprises are indeed in the wind.

At this point, the Cleveland Browns are on the clock and still in control of the 1st overall pick. Their eventual choice or what they do with this pick remains a mystery. In recent years the team holding the 1st overall pick in the NFL Draft usually has shown their whole card long before their walk to the podium, but in 2018 this is not the case.

With all the expert analysis, speculations and Mock NFL Drafts taking place on what seems like an hourly basis the excitement is building! Let’s face it; no one can predict the final picking order or where certain prospects will end up, but it will all unfold in 48 hours from now right before our eyes, pick by pick. Which teams will trade up or down will remain a mystery up until those teams are behind the podium and on the clock.

The NFL Draft is quickly becoming one of the highlights of the NFL Preseason. Pay per head shops like PPH101 are getting also getting in on the action and preparing for a massive day of NFL Draft Betting action!

A few of the current NFL Draft Prop Betting options include wagering on the overall 1st pick, 1st receiver taken, 1st running back taken, 1st tight end taken, how many Quarterbacks or Running Backs will go in the 1st round?  These are just a few of the 2018 Draft Betting options.

Bookies are also currently licking their lips in anticipation of NFL Draft Betting action.

PPH101 has Sam Darnold listed as the current favorite to be the 1st player picked overall. The current betting odds are Sam Darnold -375. Next up would be Josh Allen at +200, Saquon Barkley at +750, Baker Mayfield the early odds-on favorite to be the 1st pick has now dropped down to +1500, followed by Josh Rosen at +1500 and Bradley Chubb currently +2220.

The 2018 NFL Draft is being touted as one of the most exciting, unpredictable & most talent-filled lineups in recent history.

Cleveland Browns you are Now On The Clock!

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