How Helps You Become a Bookie

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018.

Turnkey SolutionsNowadays becoming a bookie is much easier than in the past thanks to Pph101s advanced turnkey gaming solutions!

Pph101 is the leading provider of offshore pay per head bookmaking solutions. Our service center provides stateside bookmakers with the level of security and privacy required for their business. We also have everything a bookie needs to not only compete but win in today’s bookie industry!

Our turnkey bookmaking solutions will provide bookies with all the tools necessary including our proprietary pay per head bookmaking software, their very own gaming website and a full-blown call center staffed with experienced all English-speaking personnel.

Our real-time reporting features give bookies instant access to every aspect of their business and our agent mobile reporting application allows bookies to always keep their finger on the pulse of their action.

Our live wagering interface is hands down the best in the industry and helps to increase a bookie’s overall profits by offering over 12.000 live events per month which are more than enough to wet any bettors appetite!

Located in Costa Rica within in a legal jurisdiction Pph101s stand-alone facility is fully licensed & secure and is equipped with the latest technologies & communications systems.

Pph101 offers perspective bookmaking agents up to 4 weeks of FREE pay per head service with no upfront deposit necessary to get started!

Call 866-434-4358 to receive a free and complete demo of our pay per head service you’ll be glad that you did!

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