How To Be a Successful Bookie

Rookie Bookie Tips For Success!

Nowadays being a Rookie Bookie can work to your advantage as long as you are well-funded & have the foresight to hook up with a first-rate pay per head service center!

Being a newcomer to the bookmaking business means you have a lot to learn but on a positive note, you probably don’t have that many bad habits that you need to change to be profitable as long as you follow a few basic bookie tips.

Have a Sufficient Starting Bankroll

The key to any successful bookmaking business is cash flow!

Always remember that the word travels fast and to grow and have continued success as a bookmaker it is a must that you always practice this theory “Fast Pay Makes Fast Friends”!

Every offshore bookie will experience a rollercoaster of ups & downs it is just the nature of the bookmaking business!

The first step towards running a successful bookmaking operation is starting off with a sufficient amount of cash before even thinking about venturing down this path!

Choose Your Pay Per Head Service Center Wisely

Having the sharpest betting lines & consistent risk management are essential elements to your overall success, don’t gamble, book! is that service; for example; we specialize in assisting beginner bookies by providing them with all the tools necessary to become a successful bookmaker!

Our pay per head risk management team will help you from start to finish with all aspects of your agent & player set up including player profiling, limits and overall wagering options.

PPH101 offers novice bookmakers a complete turnkey gaming solution package which can be up and ready for action within minutes!

This package features the full gambit of bookie software consisting of sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting applications as well as real-time bookie reporting!

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Choose & Manage Your Players Wisely

Having the sharpest betting lines & consistent risk management plan are essential elements to your overall success, don’t gamble, book!

It is pretty simple your bankroll will determine your bookmaking business model including what size players you can accommodate & their maximum betting limits.

Once you have set, these parameters stick with them at all times and whatever you do don’t get scared or greedy simply let the math work in your favor!

The bottom line and keys to becoming a successful bookmaker are simply to plan your work & work your plan!