Got Questions?

Unlike most of our competitors PPH101.com will always welcome & answer the tough questions head on with 100% honesty & sincerity!

Below you’ll find a list of the most commonly asked questions if you have one that didn’t make the list just contact us @ 866-434-4358

Questions that I should be asking!

+ Are the PPH101.com services redundant?
PPH101 provides offshore bookies with a first-rate, truly redundant, turnkey gaming solution. Our independent facility is equipped with the latest technologies & communication systems. In addition to our uninterruptible power systems, generators, multiple internet & phone providers, PPH101 has added extra protection to avoid against (DOS) denial of service attacks!

We have taken every precaution imaginable, while sparing no expense, to protect our offshore gaming associates by providing secure, confidential, truly redundant bookie services that guarantee reliable uptime!

+ How many simultaneous users can PPH101 handle?
During our peak times (for example; Superbowl 50) we easily handled well over 40,000 online players!
+ What can I expect my hold % to be when I switch over to PPH101.com?
Although we are very proud of our overall average hold % for our current pay per head clientele, it is impossible to for us predict your future hold % without first evaluating your current business model.
+ How can the PPH101 risk management team help me?
The PPH101 risk management team is truly in a class of its own with over 65 years of combined real bookmaking experience to ensure that your offshore bettors always receive the sharpest wagering lines. Our team of professional write shop professionals are always available to help streamline your bookmaking business, minimize your risk & assist offshore bookies in maximizing their profits!
+ How can I be sure my players are receiving a sharp, accurate line?
Two of the three principals of PPH101 have over 65 years of combined bookmaking experience between them, and both have earned solid reputations for being two of the sharpest line makers in the gaming industry today! Our team of expert line management professionals will minimize your risk and help to maximize your profits by always being on top of their game & by always dealing the Sharpest Betting Lines!
+ Do I have the ability move my lines?
Absolutely! Our exclusive adjust betting lines feature gives offshore bookies complete control of most every available wagering option! Agents can adjust betting lines per package, per sub-agent or even per player! Options include money lines, spreads, totals, quarters, halves & even props & futures. Our interactive gaming software also gives offshore bookmakers the ability hide or deactivate any betting line!
+ Does PPH101 employ English speaking clerks & customer support reps?
Absolutely! We take pride in hand picking & vetting all of our potential customer support representatives. Before hiring anyone and putting them into the mix, we first make sure that they meet our expectations! Most importantly we make sure that they are a good fit for our pay per head business model & can perform well under pressure while always adhering to our principals & high standards of excellence which are as follows:

  • They must speak fluent English.
  • They must be friendly, courteous & knowledgeable.
  • They must have had a minimum of 5 years of hands-on experience working within offshore gaming in the pay per head industry.
  • They must be very sports savvy and have complete knowledge of all the US sports as well the teams, as well as know where they are all located.
+ What type of sportsbook software does PPH101.com offer?
PPH101 without question has the best bookie software in the per head business! Our proprietary interactive sportsbook software gives offshore bookies complete control of the following:

  • Pph agents can set their wagering menu options for their entire group or per subagent if desired!
  • Per head agents also have full control of their house limits for every possible wagering opportunity for their whole group or per subagent if desired!
  • Our associates also have total control over individual futures & propositions wagering options & limits for their whole group or per subagent if desired!
  • Bookies have full access to move their betting lines this also can be done for an entire group or per subagent if desired!
  • Bookmakers are in charge of setting their sub-agents rights and have complete control over restricting or issuing these rights for any and all of their sub-agents!
  • Offshore bookies can build & manage their player accounts, set & adjust their general limits, and their limits such as parlays, teasers and if bets!
  • Our pph agent software also allows master agents the option of deleting pending wagers online!
  • Our exclusive agent ticket writer allows master agents the option of adding wagers to their player accounts online!
  • Per head agents have full control over our internal messaging system. Private messages can be sent out to an entire group or per player!
  • Offshore bookies have full control over issuing their players free plays! They also have complete control whether to allow or restrict per player how these free plays are to be used, example: in only straight bets, parlays, teasers or all of the above!
  • Pay per head agents also have full control of each of their players and can detail their individual limits and set them to override or underwrite their house limits this done for every possible wagering option!
+Does PPH101 offer Live Wagering?
Absolutely! In fact our live betting interface allows your players to place in-game wagers on over 1200 live sporting events monthly while these games are in progress!
+Does PPH101 charge extra or a percentage for Live Wagering?
There is no added or extra cost to per head agents for players who use the live wagering interface!
+ Can I customize my player’s limits & profile settings?
Yes, you can! In fact, our per head associates have the ability to customize each & every aspect of their online bookmaking business! PPH101 allows bookies unlimited per package or player profiling to cater to their particular wagering needs.
+ Are all my players wagers recorded and date & time stamped?
Absolutely! All wagers that come into our facility either via the Internet or telephone will be digitally time stamped and or recorded. All calls are recorded; these recordings are readily available for pph agents at a moment’s notice to help resolve any dispute.
+ Is the PPH101 agent reporting in real time?
Yes, it is! Our bookie reporting options are easily accessible and are available in real time 24/7/365. In fact, all reporting can be viewed in real-time on your PC or any mobile device!
+ Can I see my position in a particular game in real time?
Absolutely! In fact, PPH101s proprietary per head agent software gives master agents & sub-agents the ability to check & analyze their position in any betting option, anytime in real time!
+ Can I control my sub agent’s access?
Yes, you can! Our proprietary per head interactive gaming software gives master agents complete control over restricting or issuing rights for any and all of their sub-agents. There are currently 50 available & separate rights for master agents to choose from allowing them to customize each sub agent’s access & manage them as they wish!
+ Can I put wagers in online after game starts or do I need to call in?
Our proprietary pph agent software affords master agents the ability to add bets to player accounts via our online agent ticket writer! Which can be done even after a game or event begins up until moments before a game or event is final!
+ Can I delete wagers online or do I need to call in to do this?
Our proprietary per head agent software allows master agents the option of canceling pending wagers online! Which can be done even after a game or event begins up until moments before it is final! Also, our cutting edge pph agent reporting affords master agents the ability to view any & all deleted wagers for up to 6 weeks after deletion.
+ How safe is mine & my player’s personal information?
Rest assured that any & all personal information will be used exclusively for internal purposes! In fact, we will never ask you or your players for any personal details only you will know your players identities! All we will require from you or your players is simply an account # and a password, period!

Switching over to PPH101.com

+ Why should I choose PPH101 as my pay per head service?
At PPH101 we take pride in doing things the old fashioned way with honesty and integrity, we deal with results, not excuses!

Our redundant infrastructure, security & English speaking support teams, and are top notch! Our experienced line makers & risk management team are the sharpest & most respected within the gaming industry today! Our cutting edge proprietary per head software is hands down the best in the per head industry!

Our fair & completive pricing structure & variety of simple payment methods will not only save you money but take the hassle out of funding your account

If your serious about making more money call us today @ 866-434-4358 and find out why PPH101.com are undisputed front runners for outsourced bookie services!

At PPH101, we wrote the book on pay per head!

+ Does PPH101 offer any incentive bonuses to get started?
We certainly do!

  • Simply for becoming a member of PPH101.com agents will receive one full week of our pay per head service, absolutely FREE! Your FREE week can be redeemed at any time regardless of your player count, so save it and use it when it counts the most!
  • At PPH101.com our online casino is FREE! Our online casino offers your players a variety of exciting casino games 24/7/365 at no cost to you regardless of your player count!
+ Does PPH101 have a demo or test account?
We certainly do! In fact, our friendly & well rounded per head support team are currently standing by to assist you with a private & confidential pay per head demo.

CALL NOW 866-434-4358 or simply click on our Live Chat Option.

+ Is there a minimum # of players that I need to get started?
PPH101 has both the infrastructure & agent support team to handle any size player package! You can get started with as few as ten players or as many players as you desire!

CALL NOW 866-434-4358 or just click on our Live Chat Option.

+ How long does it take to set up my per head agent account?
At PPH101 setting up your pay per head, agent account is fast & easy but the exact time frame solely depends on the following:

  • The overall # of player accounts.
  • Your profile settings, wagering options & line type requirements.
  • The number of pending plays & futures to be transferred over.
  • The number of subagents & their requirements.

Our knowledgeable & friendly staff have extensive experience with all size pph player packages and are currently standing by to assist you from start to finish!

+ Can my players keep their same account numbers?
In most cases yes! If your current player numbers are already in use, we will just modify your account numbers a bit to make the process as seamless as possible.
+ Can I transfer over pending plays & future wagers?
Absolutely! Our knowledgeable & friendly staff have extensive experience doing this for all size player packages and are ready to assist you from start to finish!
+ Can I have my own website?
Absolutely! Our in-house web, graphics, and programming teams are dedicated to creating, branding, hosting & maintaining your very own offshore gaming website.
+ Does PPH101.com offer both players & agents a mobile platform?
Our exclusive mobile platform is user-friendly for both agents & players! Agents can view and manage their account in real time 24/7/365 from any mobile device!

About us

+ Where is PPH101.com located?
The PPH101 standalone facility is located just outside of San Jose, Costa Rica in the city of Pavas.
+ How long has PPH101 been in business?
Our licensed & secure facility has been up & running providing superior turnkey pay per head solutions since 2004.
+ What are PPH101s hours of operation?
Our pph offices are open for business providing both onsite & online support 24/7/365

Our per head agent services department hours are from 5 am to 7 pm pst. Monday through Sunday

+ Is PPH101.com a Sportsbook?
No, we are not! The fact is PPH101 is simply a licensed & secure offshore write shop that provides complete data processing services & turnkey bookmaking solutions for bookies worldwide.
+ What is the difference between PPH101s service vs that of a sportsbook?
The difference is simple, PPH101 is a licensed write shop for bookies, not to be confused with an offshore bookmaking operation. We do not process any financial transactions nor are we involved in or profit from players wins or losses. PPH101 charges offshore bookmakers a small per head fee on a weekly basis for simply writing their players betting action. We provide offshore bookies with turnkey gaming solution complete with data processing & wagering call center. PPH101 simply serves as a bridge between our offshore bookies & their players.

Billing & Funding

+ How does the PPH101.com per head billing system work?
All of our pph agent accounts are reconciled on a weekly billing cycle. Our associates will be charged a per head fee only on the accounts that have been active during a particular week.

For example; let’s say that you have 50 registered player accounts but only 25 of these were active during the week, you would only be billed for the 25 players that actually placed a wager on sports or horses.

Check out our Pay Per Head Price Guarantee!

+ Do I get charged for non-active players?
All of our per head agent accounts are reconciled on a weekly billing cycle. Our associates will be billed a per head fee only on the accounts that have been active during a particular week. No activity equals no charge!

Check out our Pay Per Head Price Guarantee!

+ Do I have to pay a percentage or a per-head fee on the virtual casino?
At PPH101, there is no extra cost to per head agents for players who enjoy playing in our virtual online casino as it is included FREE to all of our associates!
+ How easy is it to fund my PPH101 account?
PPH101 offers our associates a wide variety of discrete & simple payment methods.

Please feel free to contact us today @ 866-434-4358 to discuss these options.