What Real-Time Reporting Has to Offer?

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st, 2018.

Real Time ReportingReal-Time reporting is one of the most acclaimed bookie software options you can lay your hands on. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind reporting tool includes a complete mobile agent platform that affords bookies instant access to all of their player’s activity in real-time from anywhere, worldwide, 24/7/365!, seriously, we cannot emphasize this enough, 24/7/365 worldwide.

Bookies enjoy a plethora of fully customizable reports to help break down and analyze each of their player’s activity from every single angle possible. With over 40 different customizable reports to choose from. It instantly takes all the guesswork or speculation out of any equation.

The most commonly used agent reports are as follows:

  • Players Daily Figures Report
  • Distribution Report
  • Agent Position Report
  • Account History
  • Pending Wagers Report
  • Deleted Wagers Report
  • View Lines Report
  • IP Login Report
  • Player Settle Report
  • Player Performance Report
  • Agent Cash Flow Report
  • Agent Volume Report
  • Agent Hold % Report
  • Action By Player Report

All of the above and so much more have allowed Pph101 to set the bar high for industry’s standards for mobile bookie reporting applications!

For a complete demo of all of our agent reporting capabilities call 866-434-4358.

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