Don’t Gamble On Redundancy!

Posted on Thursday, May 10th, 2018.

RedundancyFirst things first, to define redundancy in layman’s terms it means back up.

From a bookmaker’s perspective, there is nothing more frustrating than downtime, especially during peak betting times, for example, any NFL Sunday.

The truth is that not all bookie service centers are created equal, one of the most underestimated factors in pph shops is redundancy, most companies’ redundancy is in fact, subpar at best.

The best piece of advice for bookmakers is if your current pay per head provider doesn’t have a redundant backbone, you need to switch to one that does immediately!

At we are fully prepared for any and all contingencies! We welcome tough questions, and we will always answer these with 100% honesty & sincerity!

Are the services redundant?

(To view a list of our most frequently asked questions click here.)

PPH101 provides offshore bookies with an excellent, redundant, turnkey gaming solution. Our independent facility is equipped with the latest technologies & communication systems. In addition to our uninterruptible power systems, generators, multiple internet & phone providers, PPH101 has added extra protection to avoid against (DOS) denial of service attacks!

We have taken every precaution imaginable, while sparing no expense, to protect our offshore gaming associates by providing secure, confidential, redundant bookie services that guarantee reliable up-time!

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