Do I As A Bookie Really Need To Start Using A Pay Per Head Company?

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2018.

You don’t really need to, but you should. Old time bookmakers are unfortunately a dying breed and here is why:

Betting Lines

Traditional Bookies:

  • Relied heavily on the weekly sports page for the opening line or a dial-up line service to set their sports betting lines for the current week.
  • Rarely moved off the opening number.
  • Hardly ever took a game off the board or adjusted a betting line due to an injury.

Pay Per Head Bookies: 

  • Betting lines are posted automatically by qualified line makers. In most cases they are up & available a week in advance and remain so up until kickoff.
  • Bookies have the ability to move, modify or remove their betting lines, or set them to our automated line mover.
  • Betting lines are available online or via call center 24/7, 365.

Betting Options For Players

Traditional Bookies:

  • The extent of their typical offerings is limited to betting on either a side or total.
  • Offer an insufficient window of opportunity for bettors to call in wagers generally between 12 to 5 pm EST.

Pay Per Head Bookies:

  • Bookies have the luxury of providing many more betting options for their players. For example betting on NFL football sides, totals, money lines, halves, quarters, team totals, team & player props and let’s not forget live betting though out the games.

Running Your Business

Traditional Bookies:

  • Bets are all made via telephone, written in pencil on rice paper. (Which would always be located close to a bucket of water just in case of let’s say “unwanted visitors”.)
  • Grading wagers each evening was a full-time job and would typically occupy bookmaker’s time until late in the evening seven nights a week.
  • Balancing the books went on all through the night to compile daily figures as to have them ready for Monday morning to set up a week of payments & collections.

Pay Per Head Bookies:

  • Around 95% of their wagers are taken online via smartphones on secured servers located within in a legal jurisdiction. With no effort for the bookie of course.
  • Pending wagers are graded within minutes of completion of the game.
  • Player’s balances and reporting are all in available in real time! They print their balances and hit the road to do settle ups!

The bottom line is for old time bookmakers to be competitive these days they must either embrace the changing times and get hooked up with a pay per head service center like pph101 or they will soon find themselves left out in the cold!


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