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  • Fully licensed & secure facility,  fully equipped with the latest technologies & communications systems
  • The principals of PPH101 are all seasoned veterans who are well respected by their peers & agents alike
  • Experienced and reliable line makers & risk management team grants sharp & accurate betting lines
  • Advanced yet user-friendly bookie software that puts you on the driver seat
  • Live-in-progress betting interface affords players the opportunity to place in play wagers on over 12.000 live sporting events per month in real time
  • Mobile agent platform allows bookies the ability to access reports, move lines or change player settings from anywhere worldwide 24/7/365
  • Mobile wagering interface allows bettors to place wagers in the sportsbook, racebook, or virtual casino from any smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere
  • Our teams are always at the top of their game and will assist agents & bettors with complete confidence & accuracy!
  • Competitive pricing structure & variety of simple payment methods will not only saves you money but take the hassle out of paying your weekly per head fees!

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Advanced Sports Betting Software

What makes our proprietary sports betting software the best pay per head software on the market today? The answer is simple because it is!

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • We have complete control, especially when it comes to making additions you need. We own our bookie software which puts us at such a distinct advantage over rival bookie services that are merely renting sportsbook software and are 100% at the mercy of their bookie software provider.
  • The most user-friendly pay-per head software with applications that cater to all of our bookmaking agents needs. Our wager menu allows bookies to decide which wagering options to offer their bettors, all at the click of a mouse!
  • Advanced line moving to control your own betting lines, you can control your entire group or per sub-agent! Also bookies have complete control over their house limits, every possible wagering option, individual future & proposition wagering options as well as their maximum payoffs!
  • Bookmakers have total control over their player accounts, settings & limits. A pay per head agent can set up unlimited sub-agents as well and manage restrictions or issuing their rights!
  • Add wagers after a game begins!
  • Secure and encrypted message sytem to communicate with sub-agents and bettors in private from our secure offshore servers!

These are just a few of the many options that make PPH101s sportsbook software the best bookie software in the pay per head industry today!

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Advanced Mobile Software

We live in a fast-paced world and most everything these days is done via smartphones, tablets and many other portable devices.

Today’s bettors demand an advanced mobile betting platform that gives them instant access and is easy to use!

A huge percentage of our pay per head agents betting action these days is courtesy of our advanced mobile betting application! Your players have the luxury of always being connected to our sportsbook, racebook & casino by any smartphone or tablet 24/7/365!

PPH101 offers bookies the best mobile betting platform in the per head industry!

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Live in Progress Betting

Live betting has forever changed the face of online gaming for bookies!

It is no secret that live betting aka in-game wagering has certainly added a whole new dimension to online sports betting and it has bookies licking their chops as their profits are on the rise!

More volume is the key ingredient to increasing profits in any business and bookmaking is no different. PPH101’s live sports wagering format with 12.000 monthly events affords bookies to offer their sports bettors thousands of added wagering options.

We offer a real time scoreboard & live lines that keeps bettors glued to screen for the next available wagering opportunity.  The most common options are on a games side, money line or total as the game is in progress. In the past, 2nd half wagering was about it. With live wagering, the coin toss simply signifies the start of a betting frenzy on a game from start to finish!

Virtual Casino Software

For our pay per head agents, our virtual online casino is FREE, with no restrictions! This is such a win-win for offshore bookies and goes a long way towards helping bookies to maximize their overall earning potential!

The success of any bookmaking operation is similar to any other business, it all comes down to volume, repeat & referral business. Our wide variety of Las Vegas style table games, video games, slots, and even zip tabs & Keno will always keep your players coming back for more!

Per head agents have complete control of customizing most all of our casino offerings per group or even per player. Casino players can access our online casino via any mobile device 24/7/365, no need to go to Vegas when you can just log in and play from anywhere, anytime!

online casino software

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At pph101 our overall bookmaking experience & professionalism are what truly sets us apart from our bookie service competitors.

Industry experts agree, and consider, our risk management team to be the sharpest & most respected within the offshore gambling industry today with over 65 years of combined hands-on experience!

Each of our new associates will receive a free in-depth consultation upon becoming a member. Our team of in-house experts will take the time to dissect every aspect of your bookmaking business model as well as your player base one by one.

Our support team is always available to assist in streamlining your business, helping you to minimize your risk while maximizing your profits!

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